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Click HERE to request access to Namaste @ Home Holy Yoga Donation Group

This group was a long time coming and the Covid Virus finally pushed me to make it happen. It's been on my heart for many years to start a home practice for so many that can't make it to a class, don't feel prepared to step into a studio, or simple want the chance to practice from home.

But to be real, it's not about the yoga. The movement we make with our body is a beautiful expression of worship but the way we change on our mat... That's what is is truly about for me. When it happens you'll know what I'm talking about.

This group is based on an honor system. I didn't start this for so long because I wanted the platform to be perfect but it's perfection that kept me from obedience. So in obedience I want this group to be accessible to anyone at a monthly donation. If you cannot donate one month then please reach out to me. There are others that have paid extra specifically to bless others to continue to feed our souls. And if one month you can afford more to bless someone please let me know. We are blessed to be a blessing.

There are plenty of various yoga styles, meditations, challenges and God inspired encouragements throughout this group and more is added weekly. To keep access to these videos for a month please send your donation to any of the following...

Apple Pay- 918-519-8410

Venmo @Shurayah

Cash app $Shurayah

Or message me

The Link to my book NOURISH is my first gift for your donation to this group can be found under the FILE section when you join.

If you'd like a hardcopy you can find it here

Thank you so much for your support as so many know how hard this was for me to start.

Big <VIRTUAL> Hugs 🤗

Click HERE to request access to Namaste @ Home Holy Yoga Donation Group

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